Trademark Attorney in Hanahan SC

If you are a successful business owner, protecting your intellectual property rights is one of the most important steps that you can take to safeguard your company. Often, hiring a trademark attorney in Hanahan to register a trademark is an arduous process that results in outrageous hourly fees and complicated paperwork.

At Sausser Summers, PC, our goal is to make the trademark registration process as straightforward and cost-effective as possible, so that you can focus on growing your business while we take the necessary steps to protect what you have worked so hard to build.

Unlike other law firms, Sausser Summers, PC provides flat fee trademark services at an affordable price. Our goal is to eliminate the uncertainty that comes with hourly work, so you know exactly how much your total expenses will be at the outset of our relationship.

With a BBB A+ rating, we are consistently ranked as one of the top trademark law firms in the U.S. We aim to provide you with the same five-star service that you would receive from large firms, with a modern twist at a rate that won’t break the bank.

How Sausser Summers, PC Flat Fee Trademark Service Works

Our flat fee trademark process is simple, streamlined, and consists of three steps:

  1. Choose your trademark service and provide us with information about your trademark through our online questionnaire. Once this is complete, you will pay the flat fee for us to move forward.
  2. Our trademark lawyers in Hanahan will conduct an extensive search to make sure you are in the clear to register your trademark. Once our search has concluded, we will send you a legal opinion letter informing you of our search results.
  3. Our trademark attorneys will file your trademark and provide updates throughout the registration process.

Our three-step process lets you:

  1. Work one-on-one with an experienced trademark attorney in Hanahan who will consult with you at your convenience.
  2. Save your hard-earned money with our flat fee trademark services.
  3. Gain access to a licensed trademark attorney who will file your trademark application.
  4. Get updates on your trademark application as it moves through the registration process.
  5. Focus on running your business while Sausser Summers, PC handles the hard work. No headaches, no hidden fees, no tricks.

Trademark Services at a Glance

Whether you need help maintaining your current trademark or require assistance canceling an abandoned mark, Sausser Summers, PC is here to help. Here are just a few of the trademark services that we provide to clients:

Comprehensive Trademark Search – For many entrepreneurs, this is the first and most crucial step to take when it’s time to safeguard your business and intellectual property. Your trademark attorney in Hanahan will conduct a thorough search of the USPTO Federal Trademark Database and each U.S state’s trademark database. We will also perform a trademark domain name search and a trademark common law search on your behalf. We will follow up with a 30-minute phone call, where we will discuss the results of our trademark search and send you a drafted legal opinion letter.

U.S. Trademark Filing – Once your trademark lawyer in Hanahan has completed a comprehensive trademark search, the next step is to file a trademark application. We will submit your application within 1-3 business days and keep you updated on its USPTO status throughout the registration process.
U.S Trademark Office Actions – These actions are essentially initial rejections of your trademark by the USPTO. Applicants have six months in which to respond to this rejection. For a flat fee, your trademark lawyer from Sausser Summers, PC will compose a response on your behalf so that you may continue to focus on your day-to-day business tasks.

U.S Trademark Renewal – If you already own a trademark, Sausser Summers, PC will renew your registered trademark so that it remains current. Extended protection varies depending on how long you have held your trademark. We encourage you to visit our U.S Trademark Renewal page to find out which renewal service best fits your current situation.

U.S. Trademark Cease & Desist – Whether you have been accused of infringing on someone’s trademark and received a cease and desist letter or have found an infringer on your own mark, it is imperative that you respond. If you have received a letter and do not respond, you might be sued. If you find an infringer and do not demand that they stop, you may lose your trademark rights. To discuss the best course of action for your situation, we recommend you contact Sausser Summers, PC, for a risk-free consultation at no additional cost. Once you speak directly to one of our attorneys, we will send your cease and desist letter or respond to the one you have received for an affordable flat fee.

Statement of Use – If you plan on using your mark in commerce, you must file a Statement of Use to notify the USPTO. This filing must take place six months after you receive your Notice of Allowance. For an affordable flat-rate fee, your trademark attorney in Hanahan will make any requisite filings on your behalf. Before you decide on a course of action, we encourage you to contact our office at (843) 654-0078 to speak with one of our attorneys. This consultation will help us get a better understanding of your situation and is always free and confidential.

Additional U.S Trademark Attorney Services

In addition to the services listed above, we also help our clients enforce their trademarks, monitor trademark filings, and even help protect business owners from trademark infringement on platforms like Amazon and Etsy.
Have questions about our flat-fee trademark services? It would be our pleasure to speak with you at your earliest convenience, so that you can preserve the one asset that sets you apart from everyone else: your name.

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A look at results from Tuesday night’s high school spring sports action from the Columbia SC area:

Airport 6, Swansea 4 (Game 1)

WP: Billy Elswick Hitters: A: Blake Palyok 2-3 2 RBI; Kyle Chavis 1-3 RBI

Airport 9, Swansea 1 (Game 2)

WP: Corbin Wright LP; Hitters: A: John Allen Forrester 1-3 2 RBI; Blake Palyok 2-3

Mid-Carolina 10, Saluda 0 (Game 1)

WP: Mason Arnoult S: Jonah McCary Hitters: MC: Hayden Lake 2-3 2 RBI; Colby Doolittle 1-2 RBI; Michael Linder 1-3 RBI

Sa;uda 11, Mid-Carolina 9 (Game 2)

WP: Gavin Taylor LP: Hayden Hall Hitters: S:Emanuel Dominguez 3-5 HR, 3 RBI; Gavin Taylor 1-2 HR, 2 RBI. MC: Bryson Holland 2-4 HR, 2 RBI; Al Farmer 1-2 2 RBI

Northside Christian 5, Thomas Sumter 1

WP: Robert McMillan LP: Lisenby Hitters: NC: Charlie Compton 1-3 2 RBI; Dylan Judy 1-3 RBI

Cardinal Newman 12, Heathwood Hall 1 (5)

WP: Logan Busenlehner LP: Edward Said Hitters: CN: Parker Hocutt 1-3 2 RBI; Alex Myers 1-2 2 RBI; Patrick Boyle 1-2 2 RBI. HH: Brice Campbell 1-3, RBI

Richard Winn 11, Laurens Academy 3

WP: Dru Caldwell LP: Cal Robertson Hitters: RW: Zack Taylor 3-3 4 RBI; Jacob Chaisson 5-6; Austin Lancaster 1-3 2 RBI

Blythewood 6, Northwestern 0

WP: Davis Wright. Hitters: B: Zac Cowan 2-4 HR, RBI; Kevin Steelman 1-2 HR, RBI; Camden Watts 2-3 3 RBI; Ty Dooley 2-3; Landon Penfield 2-4

Brookland-Cayce 14, Hanahan 5

WP: Hayden Thomas Hitters: BC: Skylar King 2-4 2 RBI; Micah Shivers 4-5 2 RBI; Hayden Thomas 2-5 2 RBI; Aubrey Richardson 2-4 RBI; Parker Mergo 1-4 2 RBI

Oceanside Collegiate 7, Gray Collegiate 4

Ridge View 12, Spring Valley 5

WP: Ken Conner LP: Wyatt Tucker Hitters: RV: Jonethan Guess 3-5 RBI; Austin Rinzel 3-5; Nathaniel Blair 2-2 RBI; Mike Harris 1-4 2 RBI. SV: Brandon Gibbs 1-2 2 RBI

Gilbert 10, Batesburg-Leesville 1

WP: Kearse LP: Maggie Williams Hitters: G: Kearse 3-4 HR, 5 RBI; Branham 3-4

Lexington 7, River Bluff 3

WP: Mackenzie Mathis. Hitters: L: Sarah Gordon 2-4 2 HR, 4 RBI; Jessica Senn 3-4; Peri Roulliard 2-3; Sam Craig 2-2. RB: K. Earlington 1-3 RBI

Ridge View 10, Fairfield Central 7

WP: Jaala Robertson Hitters: RV: Tyra Robinson 2-2 RBI; Kayla Korn 3-3 RBI; Sarah Jackson 2-3 2 RBI; Kelsi Cook 1-3 2 RBI

White Knoll 17, Dutch Fork 2

WP: Mariena Perez LP: Izzy Garcia Hitters: WK: Alexis Winters 3-5 2 HR, 4 RBI; Abby Gates 2-3 4 RBI

Camden 15, Crestwood 0

Cardinal Newman 8, Heathwood Hall 0

CN: Victoria Brook; Megan Slattery 2; Lakin Green 2; Lextyn Petz; Emily Berg; Julia Brooks

Gray Collegiate 6, Saluda 0

Blythewood 6, Rock Hill 0

Goals: Madison Powell, Evelyn Wright 2, Meredith Stone, Emery Christensen 2

Lexington 2, White Knoll 0

Goals: L: Maggie Heffernan; Logan Kitts

Airport 2, South Aiken 0

Goals: A: Courtney Farr 2

Pelion 2, Silver Bluff 1

Batesburg-Leesville 4, Columbia 1

Spring Valley 2, Northwestern 1 (SV wins in PKs, 5-4)

Goals: SV: Karah Barry, Jenna Green

Camden 13, Lake City 0

Goals: Elizabeth Wes 3; Lizeth Gonazalez Juarez; Meg Grumbach; Alex Cassidy; Deanna Jeffcoat 2; Mary Ashton Blanks 2; Mia Robinson; Kirsten Kahkola; Rosa Carerra

Gilbert 8, Swansea 0

Goals: Riley Barnes 4, Hendrix, Ansell. Mozley, Van Horne

Lexington 6, White Knoll 0

Lake City 5, Camden 4

Chapin 2, Dutch Fork 0

Goals: Jovan Tirado, Zach Abdulrahmane

River Bluff 2, Brookland-Cayce 0

Goals: Elliott Bausch, Jackson Lohr

Columbia 4, Batesburg-Leesville 0

Goals: Joshua Nduwayo, David Issa 2, Ndjila Bernard

Blythewood 1, Rock Hill 1 (Blythewood wins in PKs, 5-4)

Gray Collegiate 6, Saluda 0

Lexington 6, White Knoll 0

Cardinal Newman 9, Wilson Hall 0

Winners: A. Abramson; Massey, Brown; Camps; Sy; Mangum. Doubles: Clarey/Johnson Sullivan/G. Abramson; Wells/Powell

Mid-Carolina 167, Chester 216

Medalist: MC: Luke Hammond 38

Cambridge Academy 158, Cardinal Newman 172. Spring Valley. 217

Low Scorers: CA: Spence Hagood 36; Seth Massey CA. 36; CN: Elliott Pope 39

AC Flora 6, Heathwood Hall 2


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