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Trademark Attorney Working With Clients in Greenville, SC

If you're an entrepreneur, you know that protecting your intellectual property should be high on your list when it comes to safeguarding your company. However, as a successful business owner, you also know the steps and costs of filing a trademark in the U.S. can be expensive and arduous.

This conundrum can be even more overwhelming for new business owners who want to do everything possible to minimize the price of securing trademarks. They try to handle complicated tasks like trademark registration on their own, which can be a big mistake - especially when juggling the day-to-day tasks of running a business. You may be thinking, "But what about those set-it-and-forget-it services you can find online? All you have to do is plug in your info, and you're done." Using pre-made templates for trademark filing can be tempting, but doing so can leave you with inadequate protection and hurt you in the long run.

So, what is the easiest, most cost-effective route to consider that also minimizes legal risk? The truth is, before you spend money on a service like LegalZoom, it's best to consult with a trademark attorney working with clients in Greenville, SC.

At Sausser Summers, PC, our experienced trademark attorneys can help you understand the trademark process step by step. We can even help with U.S. trademark filing, U.S. trademark responses, and U.S. trademark renewals at a price you can actually afford. That way, you can make an informed decision regarding your business without having to break the bank.

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Sausser Summers, PC: Simplifying the U.S. Trademark Process

Hiring an attorney can be a daunting task, but at Sausser Summers, PC, our goal is to make the process as simple and seamless as possible for you. That's why we offer a straightforward checkout service. First, you choose your flat fee trademark service and fill out a short questionnaire. Then, we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss the details of our service. From there, one of our experienced trademark attorneys will get to work on your behalf.

Using a trademark attorney for filing in Greenville, SC, can significantly increase your chances of a successful registration. The U.S. government recommends hiring a trademark attorney to help with your application, and our team of trademark lawyers is dedicated to meeting your needs. In fact, we help ensure your application is filed correctly the first time so you can get on with your life and avoid legal risks.

At Sausser Summers, PC, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide them with sound professional advice. We never offer incomplete services, such as simply filing for registration, because that would leave you open to legal risks. You can rely on us to handle your intellectual property matters, and our flat fee services can help protect your business in a simple, straightforward, and affordable way. It's really that simple.

In terms of filing a U.S. trademark, we provide an easy three-step process to protect your intellectual property:

1. You provide your trademark info to our team via an online form.

2. Our team performs a comprehensive trademark search. This search ensures that no other marks will prevent you from registering your trademark in the U.S. Once performed, we'll send you a legal opinion letter that details our findings.

3. Sausser Summers, PC, files your U.S. trademark application. We are then listed as your Attorney of Record on file. From there, we'll provide ongoing updates regarding the status of your trademark as it works through the registration process.

The bottom line? At Sausser Summers, PC, we give both new and seasoned business owners an easy, efficient, cost-effective way to protect the one asset that sets them apart from others: their name.

Online Trademark Attorney Greenville, SC
The bottom line?

At Sausser Summers, PC, we give both new and seasoned business owners an easy, efficient, cost-effective way to protect the one asset that sets them apart from others: their name.

Do I Really Need a Trademark Attorney for Protecting My Business in Greenville, SC?

It's not necessary to be a lawyer in order to apply for a trademark. Anyone can submit a trademark application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). However, registering a trademark involves more than just filling out a form. It's essential to conduct thorough research, accurately identify and clearly explain your trademark to ensure it receives adequate protection. And even after securing a trademark, you've got to monitor it consistently to make sure it's free from infringement.

The big takeaway here is that it's always a good idea to work with a trademark attorney to protect the intellectual property that you've worked so hard to establish. According to the Wall Street Journal, applicants are approximately 50% more likely to secure their trademark than people who file applications on their own. If your trademark application is rejected by the USPTO, you will need to revise and refile it, incurring additional filing fees. To avoid delays and extra costs, it is best to have a trademark lawyer help you get it right the first time.

Additional Benefits of Using a Trademark Attorney

Great trademark attorneys (like those you'll find at Sausser Summers, PC) will help with every step of filing and enforcing your trademark. Some additional benefits include the following:

Check to see if your proposed trademark is registered by another entity.

Conduct research to see if another business is using the trademark for which you're applying.

Provide advice and guidance on the strength of your trademark.

Draft and submit your trademark applications and application revisions.

Advice and guidance regarding trademark maintenance and protection.

Monitor the market for unauthorized use of your trademark.

Trademark enforcement to protect you against infringement.

 Online Trademark Lawyer Greenville, SC

Curious whether our trademark attorney services are right for you and your business? Contact Sausser Summer, PC, today. Let's talk about what you need, and how we can help.

What About Services Like LegalZoom?

Online services, such as LegalZoom, can provide you with basic assistance in filing your trademark. However, they will never be a legitimate substitute for an experienced trademark attorney helping clients in Greenville, SC.

 Trademark Attorney Greenville, SC

Although services like LegalZoom offer a step-by-step process, they take a one-size-fits-all approach to preparing legal documents. Even their advanced service only provides basic attorney assistance in completing your paperwork and helping with minor roadblocks. LegalZoom's disclaimer highlights the many limitations of its services, including the fact that communications are not protected by attorney-client privilege. In addition, LegalZoom cannot provide advice, explanations, opinions, recommendations, or any kind of legal guidance on possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms or strategies.

In other words, LegalZoom can offer you the necessary forms and point you in the right direction, but they cannot customize their services to your specific needs or help you with serious complications that may arise.

For the most comprehensive trademark service and protection, it's always wise to work with highly rated trademark lawyers, like you'll find at Sausser Summers, PC.

Understanding Trademarks Over Time

Trademarks in the U.S. can last indefinitely, but did you know that clients in Greenville, SC can file a trademark online, only to lose protection in some circumstances? Trademarks differ from patents and copyrights in that they do not have an expiration date. However, to prevent the cancellation of a trademark, you must maintain it. To ensure that your trademark remains protected, you must actively use it in commerce and renew it with the USPTO every ten years.

The Lanham Act tells us that "use in commerce" is the legitimate use of a trademark in the ordinary course of trade. In other words, you cannot register a trademark solely to reserve the rights to it in the future. In most cases, a trademark must be used continuously in connection with the goods or services it is registered for.

 Trademark Law Firm Greenville, SC

Steps to Renew Your Trademark

Trademarks are registered with the USPTO and generally need to be renewed every ten years. However, there is one crucial exception that you should be aware of. Within the first ten years of owning a trademark, you must file for renewal between the fifth and sixth year from the date of your initial registration.

During this renewal period, you are required to submit a Section 8 declaration, a specimen that shows how the mark is being used, and pay the required fee. You can also apply for Section 15 Incontestability status, which can strengthen your trademark rights. This application, although not mandatory, can make it harder for others to challenge your ownership of the mark.

After the first renewal, which falls between the fifth and sixth year of ownership, the next renewal filing is due between the ninth and tenth year, and then every tenth year thereafter. In the ninth year you will need to file a Section 8 declaration, attesting to your use of the mark or excusable nonuse. You've also got to file a Section 9 renewal application before the end of the tenth year to keep your registration active.

It is worth noting that the USPTO provides a six-month grace period if you fail to renew your mark within the required time frame, but it is best not to rely on it. If you don't file within the grace period time limits, the USPTO will cancel and expire your mark.

By hiring trademark attorneys helping clients in Greenville, SC, you can avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that can arise and cause you to lose your rights to the mark that represents it.

Losing Your Trademark Rights Through Abandonment

In the event that you stop using your trademark and have no plans to resume using it in commerce, it may be considered abandoned by the USPTO. This could result in the loss of your protective rights to the mark. Typically, a trademark is assumed to be abandoned if it has not been used for three years. However, you may be able to refute this presumption by providing evidence that you intend to use the mark again in the future.

Losing Your Trademark Rights Through Inappropriate Licensing

In addition to trademark abandonment, you should also be wary of improper licensing. It's important to remember that once you allow someone else to use your trademark, you must keep an eye on how they use it. You should monitor the products or services that feature your trademark to ensure that they meet consumers' expectations in terms of quality. Failure to do so can lead to a "naked" trademark license and the loss of your protective trademark rights.

How to Avoid Having to Refile Your Trademark

If you're wondering how you can avoid refiling your trademark, the answer is simple: file it correctly the first time around. Filing a trademark isn't inherently difficult, but when doing so, it's very important that certain aspects are filled out accurately in your application. If any information is missing or incorrect, the trademark application may be considered "void ab initio" or void from the beginning, requiring you to file again.

To avoid this, make sure that the information you provide in the application is accurate and complete, including the ownership of the trademark. For instance, if a corporation has multiple shareholders, it should not file under the President's personal name. The rightful owner should be the one/entity that ultimately controls the trademark and the associated goods/services.

It is also important to ensure that the goods and/or services description is precise. For example, if you sell electronic products, you should not file for research and development services despite having a research and development department. The goods/services description should reflect the goods/services you offer to customers, not the departments within your business.

Additionally, providing accurate dates of first use when filing for a trademark is crucial. The USPTO requires two dates to be specified - the date of first use anywhere and the date of first use in interstate commerce. Contact our trademark law office today to learn more about having accurate dates on your filing paperwork.

 Trademark Lawyer Greenville, SC
 Trademark Firm Greenville, SC

What Makes an Online Trademark Attorney Great?

At Sausser Summers, PC, we often get questions about how to distinguish run-of-the-mill consultants and others from great trademark attorneys. After all - when you're looking for an attorney to file or prosecute your business trademark, you should know their qualifications. Here are three ways you can separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff when it comes to trademark attorneys.

It's crucial to seek legal advice from a licensed trademark lawyer rather than relying on advice from non-professionals like trademark consultants. The USPTO even recommends hiring an attorney to help with the trademark process. Although trademark consultants may provide advice on trademark availability or name marketability, they cannot file the trademark for you or offer legal advice. According to the Rules of Practicing in trademark cases, "Individuals who are not attorneys are not recognized to practice before the Office in trademark matters." This rule applies to individuals who assist trademark applicants.

When searching for a trademark attorney, it's important to find someone with a strong background in trademark law. Look for an attorney who specializes in this area and has significant experience handling trademark-related cases. Avoid lawyers who don't have expertise in this field, as they may not be able to provide the guidance and support you need.

Ensure your attorney provides updates throughout the trademark registration process to avoid missing deadlines, including responding to any Office actions within six months. Failure to do so can result in trademark abandonment. The USPTO will only correspond with the listed attorney of record, so make sure your attorney keeps you informed.

In summary:

  • Be sure you're using a licensed trademark attorney helping clients in Greenville, SC.
  • It's best to work with a trademark lawyer who has years of experience filing trademarks.
  • Ensure that your trademark lawyer is willing to provide ongoing notifications relating to your trademark application process.
 Trademark Registration Lawyer Greenville, SC

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Trademark Attorneys Working Hard for You

Building your brand and gaining recognition for it is a significant achievement, and it's important to protect it. However, there are certain pitfalls and mistakes that can arise, causing you to lose your rights to the mark that represents it. By working with knowledgeable trademark attorneys, you can avoid these issues and file your trademark successfully.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Sausser Summers, PC, offers comprehensive guidance, strategic advice, and reliable representation for a variety of trademark matters. Our attorneys have years of real-world experience and, having registered countless trademarks with the USPTO, provide our clients with individualized representation when they need it most.

If you're looking for skilled, adept, and experienced counsel, look no further than our trademark law firm. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and learn how we can help you safeguard your brand.

Latest News in Greenville, SC

Fall For Greenville: What to know about the SC festival as Main Street turns into cafeteria

GREENVILLE, S.C. —If you're hungry for good food, music and fun, Bank of America Fall For Greenville--South Carolina's favorite foodie festival--is ready to serve it all up on Main Street.It's the 42nd year for the Greenville foodie fun fest beginning Thursday evening with a kickoff concert and running through Sunday....


If you're hungry for good food, music and fun, Bank of America Fall For Greenville--South Carolina's favorite foodie festival--is ready to serve it all up on Main Street.

It's the 42nd year for the Greenville foodie fun fest beginning Thursday evening with a kickoff concert and running through Sunday.

Above is video from Tuesday when organizers gave a pre-festival taste of what to expect.

The huge event’s staffing machine spends the year planning, organizing and booking to line up more than 50 restaurants and 80 bands, and fine-tuning details down to the last bite, sip and musical performance.

It takes that long to turn Main Street into a giant, fun-filled cafeteria, offering everything from burritos to barbeque, and pizza to pickled okra.

Bookmark this page for reference before you go, to plan your gastronomical attack, and during your family's autumn adventure in downtown Greenville.


The Upstate sees major cool down ahead

And be sure to stop by the WYFF 4 booth near Main and Broad Streets this weekend to meet some of your favorite WYFF News 4 anchors and reporters. We’ll also have giveaway items and an opportunity for kids to sit behind the anchor desk for some fun photos.

Click on the titles for more information.

Taste Tickets are redeemable for food, beverages, kids' activities and festival merchandise. Taste Tickets are available at multiple locations throughout the festival and are $5 for a sheet of five (5) Taste Tickets. All ticket sales are non-refundable. Wristbands are required if you plan on consuming alcohol and are only valid for the day of purchase.

Check out the more than 50 restaurant vendors here.

Beer and wine taps

Buy tickets here.

Thursday 5 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Friday 12 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Saturday 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Sunday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

The festival runs the entire stretch along Main Street from Augusta Street to East North Street.

Streets will begin to close Thursday at 4 a.m. from River Street to Broad Street, with more closings happening Friday that will be in effect through Sunday

There are lots of parking options available in the City’s downtown parking garages. View downtown parking here.

The city now has a new app called Access GVL, an interactive map of Greenville, with parking garages, routes and restaurants and every obstacle across every inch of the city to help everyone, including those with mobility issues, navigate from point A to point B. “It’s an interactive map that will help users know what to expect when they come downtown,” officials said. Learn more about the app here.

Car alternatives

You can also park at Greenville High Academy and hop on the free downtown trolley, operated by Greenlink, for shuttle service to and from the festival throughout the weekend.

Click here for more information about the shuttle.

Greenlink is also offering Fare-Free Friday on Oct. 13. All Greenlink buses will be operating at no charge to passengers that day and will transport them to the heart of the festival. Plan your trip here, or call 864-467-2700.

Bike Valet is also available. It's a free service provided by Bike Walk Greenville. Ride your bike and leave it in a safe and secure location without worrying about parking or traffic. Bike Valet will be available from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and noon to 7 p.m. on Sunday, along with the Swamp Rabbit Trail, under the Main Street Bridge.

The 13 Best Things To Do In Spartanburg, South Carolina

South Carolina is known for its charming small towns. Between Beaufort and ...

South Carolina is known for its charming small towns. Between Beaufort and Bluffton on the coast, Aiken and Landrum in the heart of horse country, and Walhalla upstate, there are so many wonderful communities to explore. For those who have been following along with the meteoric rise of Greenville, we’re here to tell you that the state is no one-hit wonder when it comes to up-and-coming destinations. Enter Spartanburg. With roughly half the population of Greenville (40,000 to Greenville’s 80,000), Spartanburg feels a lot like Greenville’s little sister. With a similar walkable downtown, plenty of great dining options, and a multipurpose trail reminiscent Greenville’s famous Swamp Rabbit Trail, Spartanburg is buzzing with all the things that make a great Southern destination. Here are the best things to do in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Play a Free Round of Mini Golf

Few things in life are free, but Sparkle City Mini Putt is. The public mini golf course in the center of downtown Spartanburg is free and open to all. Simply head to a partnering downtown business to pick up a putter and balls, then hit the links.


Have an Outdoor Adventure at Croft State Park

When Spartanburg wants a mini getaway from city life, they escape to Croft State Park, a 7,000-acre park that’s located just five miles from downtown. For just $3 admission, guests have access to boating, watersports, and fishing on Lake Craig, more than 20 miles of hiking and biking trails, and plenty of wooded terrain to explore.


Get Coffee at The Pharmacy

Every town has at least one great coffee shop, and in Spartanburg you can find it in The Pharmacy, a neighborhood gathering space housed in the historic Montgomery building. Serving Little River Roasting Co. blends, plus on-tap kombucha, teas, sandwiches, and housemade baked goods.


Walk or Bike the Mary Black Rail Trail

Connectivity can make or break a community, and Spartanburg’s 1.9-mile Mary Black Rail Trail is a perfect example of that. The paved urban trail along the former Norfolk Southern railroad corridor connects downtown to nearby neighborhoods, with plenty of shops, restaurants, and recreation all along the way. The trail’s crowned jewel is the Rail Yard Community Park, which includes a plaza, amphitheater, tree tunnel and misting arches, picnic shelter, bike park, green field, fitness equipment, and a Panthers Play 60 playground.


Sample Barbecue at Initial Q Smokehouse

It wouldn’t be a Southern vacation without at least one barbecue meal. In Spartanburg, you can meet your quota at Initial Q, a smokehouse and social bar known for its house smoked meats and elevated Southern sides. For a taste of everything, order the I.Q. Platter, which comes with your choice of four smoked meats (all your usual suspects plus smoked duck and local rabbit), three sides, honey cider slaw, house pickles, and sweet rolls.

06 of 13

Spend an Evening at Fr8yard

When the weather’s nice, Spartanburg locals flock to Fr8yard, a massive open-air biergarten and restaurant located in the heart of downtown. The entertainment complex is a huge hit among families, groups of friends, and visitors of all kinds thanks to its crowd-pleasing menu of pub grub, 16 rotating taps, 20-foot jumbotron screen, and calendar of weekly live music.


Have a Nice Dinner at The Kennedy

A memorable dinner requires multiple components: exciting ambiance, delicious food, and great company. The Kennedy provides the first two, and you’re left to take care of the last. Inside a sleek dining room decked out in Art Deco décor, you can dine on creative dishes like duck breast with charred squash, Szechuan glazed broccolini, and upstate greens.

08 of 13

Visit the Spartanburg Art Museum

As the Upstate’s only contemporary art museum, folks travel from all over the state to see the exciting works inside the Spartanburg Art Museum. Always free to enter, the museum hosts both a permanent collection and several rotating exhibits that change four to five times a year.

09 of 13

Explore Downtown Spartanburg

One of the city’s best features is its vibrant downtown that offers a plethora of specialty shops, incredible dining, cultural gatherings spaces, and public art. Sample cuisines ranging from Chinese to German to Mexican. Shop for everything from clothing to wine to plants. And stop into 43 galleries and exhibit spaces, or see 38 murals and public art displays as you stroll through town. You’ll want to spend extra time in the Main Street Morgan Square Plaza, a pedestrian plaza in downtown’s cultural district that’s home to near-nightly live music, excellent dining, and Spartangburg’s historic town square.

10 of 13

Get Acquainted with Nature at Hatcher Garden

Wander this beautiful 10-acre botanical garden and woodland preserve for a serene reprieve from Spartanburg’s urban activity. Open 365 days a year and always free to enter, the property features eight different themed garden rooms, as well as a paved nature trail.

11 of 13

Eat Sunday Brunch at Heirloom

Housed in the former Spartan Mills headquarters building, Heirloom pays homage to Spartanburg’s rich textile mill history. Drawing from the tradition of milltown families gathering at one table for meals, Heirloom offers a menu of Southern-inspired shareable plates. Brunch starts off with a bang thanks to bottomless mimosas and the restaurant’s signature Bloody Mary. Favorite dishes include Fried Chicken Tenders & Belgian Waffles with candied pecans and spicy maple syrup and the Sourdough French Toast with strawberries and whipped cream.

12 of 13

Book a Room at the AC Hotel Spartanburg

If you want the ability to leave your room and immediately walk into the action, stay at the AC Hotel Spartanburg, located in the heart of downtown. After a long day of exploring, relax at the AC Lounge or by the pool.

13 of 13

Find a Cozy Stay at Clevedale Inn and Historic Gardens

Like staying in your best friend’s guest room, this charming bed and breakfast offers all the comforts of home with supreme Southern hospitality. Enjoy breakfast in owner Pontheolla and Paul’s lush English gardens for one of the loveliest experiences you can have in Spartanburg.

Parades a common Main Street sight in the 1920s: Greenville Then and Now with John Nolan

In modern downtown Greenville, we have festivals taking place almost weekly, but only a few parades may take place in a year.In the 1920s, parades reigned as the regular Main Street entertainment and happened monthly if not weekly. On Sept. 12, 1924, locals turned out for the National Defense Test Day parade, which started on East McBee and ended with a speech a...

In modern downtown Greenville, we have festivals taking place almost weekly, but only a few parades may take place in a year.

In the 1920s, parades reigned as the regular Main Street entertainment and happened monthly if not weekly. On Sept. 12, 1924, locals turned out for the National Defense Test Day parade, which started on East McBee and ended with a speech and festivities at City Park.

The snapshot seen in the top photo here captures the Sparks Circus, which advertised a 10:30 a.m. “Grand Free Street Parade” on Oct. 1 ahead of their twice daily performances at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. The old-time circus band wagon crowned by musicians and pulled by a team of eight horses over the trolley tracks delighted the throngs of people there to witness the spectacle.

America’s biggest circus entertainer, Ringling-Barnum — filling 90 train cars in its entourage — didn’t tour through Greenville that year, so people were excited for Sparks to arrive with its 23 train cars full of good, clean, fun. Sparks was known as the “Sunday School” show since its entertainment was wholesome and didn’t feature gamblers, palm readers, swindlers or short-change artists.

Later in the month, on Oct. 22, the Sells-Floto Circus came to Greenville and paraded its animals down Main Street, followed a month later with the Kiwanis Minstrel Show delighting locals again with another parade.

The subject of the top photo hasn’t been identified until now, and what helped to narrow it down to which parade, other than the Sparks Circus’ distinctive banwagon, is the marquee advertising “Sinners in Heaven,” at the Garing Theatre on the west side of Main Street. The Paramount film was on view for a three-day run from Sept. 29 to Oct. 2, exactly when the Sparks Circus parade passed in front of it on Oct. 1 when it started on North Main and proceeded south through town to the fairground at Perry Avenue and Queen Street.

The row of early 1900s buildings in the top photo all continue to add charm to Greenville’s current tree-lined Main Street. The lower photo, taken in 2020, shows Mast General store where the Meyers-Arnold department store and the Garing Theatre were in the top photo, and O.P. Taylor’s toy store where Ceelys Fashion Shoppe was located.

John M. Nolan is owner of Greenville History Tours (greenvillehistorytours.com) and author of “A Guide to Historic Greenville, SC,” “Lost Restaurants of Greenville, SC,” and “Greenville Then & Now.”

Greenville’s Hampton-Pinckney neighborhood gets historical marker

Hampton-Pinckney PorchFest, a local nonprofit that works to create family-friendly events using music, announced Oct. 12 the unveiling of a historical marker commemorating the Hampton-Pinckney Neighborhood.The organization funded the marker at 213 Butler Ave. in downtown Greenville. The nei...

Hampton-Pinckney PorchFest, a local nonprofit that works to create family-friendly events using music, announced Oct. 12 the unveiling of a historical marker commemorating the Hampton-Pinckney Neighborhood.

The organization funded the marker at 213 Butler Ave. in downtown Greenville. The neighborhood features one of the oldest intact collections of residential buildings constructed on land that was part of the estate of Lemuel Alston and, later, Vardry McBee. Many homes were developed between the 1890s and 1910s. Pinckney Street and Hampton Avenue form the neighborhood’s core with boundaries along Pinckney and Lloyd streets and Butler and Asbury avenues.

The Hampton-Pinckney Neighborhood also had four churches, though one was later converted to condominiums.

In the 1970s, residents organized to rehabilitate neighborhood homes that had deteriorated as families moved away after World War II. The name “Hampton-Pinckney” was coined amid those efforts and the area was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.

Hampton-Pinckney PorchFest also plans to raise funds for three additional historic markers recognizing sites such as:

The organization’s annual free event, which bears the same name, will return Oct. 22 and feature more than 20 musical performances on 12 historic porches in the Hampton-Pinckney Neighborhood near downtown Greenville.

For more information, visit hpporchfest.org.

Zip Trip – Fall For Greenville – Darby Wilcox and The Peep Show


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