Amazon Brand Registry - Trademark Registration

File to Obtain Your Trademark.
  • Comprehensive Trademark Search to Ensure Your Brand Name is Available
  • Attorney filed Federal Trademark Application
  • Non-Substantive Responses with USPTO**
  • 100% FREE Second Search if We Conclude Your Mark is Not Registrable

*Please keep in mind this is for the trademark filing of your brand. This does not include the process to setup the brand through your Amazon account or interacting with Amazon regarding the brand registry. Does not include the USPTO application fee of $225 or $275 per international class. Does not include additional fees for intent-to-use applications, such as filing a Statement of Use.
**Non-substantive Office actions are defined as Office actions related to issues with the legal entity status or citizenship of the applicant, identification of goods or services, improper specimens, or improper dates of use.

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Etsy or Amazon Infringement Notice

Don't Let Others Infringe.
  • Reviewing Your Case
  • Phone Consultation Regarding Validity
  • Filing Notice With Amazon or Etsy
  • Updating You Regarding Filing Status

Etsy or Amazon Counter-notice

Don't Let False Claims Stand.
  • Reviewing Your Case
  • Phone Consultation Regarding Validty
  • Filing Counter-notice With Amazon or Etsy
  • Updating You Regarding Filing Status

Copyright Registration

File Your Registration
  • Attorney Review and Drafting of Your Application
  • Filing Application With U.S. Copyright Office
  • Monitoring Status of Copyright Application
  • Mailing you the Official Copyright Registration, Once Registered
  • Cost Includes Basic U.S. Filing Fee

*Government fee included up to $55, in some situations the filing fee may be more, in which the Client is responsible for additional amount.

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Etsy and Amazon have policies in place to deal with copyright and trademark infringement. If you see someone infringing on your copyright or artistic work you can file a copyright infringement claim with Amazon or Etsy. If you find someone is using your brand name or trademark on their products you can file a trademark infringement claim. It's important you defend your rights as choosing not to do so can lead to infringement defenses and weaken your legal rights.