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If you are a successful business owner, protecting your intellectual property rights is one of the most important steps that you can take to safeguard your company. Often, hiring a trademark attorney in Charleston to register a trademark is an arduous process that results in outrageous hourly fees and complicated paperwork.

At Sausser Summers, PC, our goal is to make the trademark registration process as straightforward and cost-effective as possible, so that you can focus on growing your business while we take the necessary steps to protect what you have worked so hard to build.

Unlike other law firms, Sausser Summers, PC provides flat fee trademark services at an affordable price. Our goal is to eliminate the uncertainty that comes with hourly work, so you know exactly how much your total expenses will be at the outset of our relationship.

With a BBB A+ rating, we are consistently ranked as one of the top trademark law firms in the U.S. We aim to provide you with the same five-star service that you would receive from large firms, with a modern twist at a rate that won’t break the bank.

How Sausser Summers, PC Flat Fee Trademark Service Works

Our flat fee trademark process is simple, streamlined, and consists of three steps:
1. Choose your trademark service and provide us with information about your trademark through our online questionnaire. Once this is complete, you will pay the flat fee for us to move forward.
2. Our trademark lawyers in Charleston will conduct an extensive search to make sure you are in the clear to register your trademark. Once our search has concluded, we will send you a legal opinion letter informing you of our search results.
3. Our trademark attorneys will file your trademark and provide updates throughout the registration process.

Our three-step process lets you:

• Work one-on-one with an experienced trademark attorney in Charleston who will consult with you at your convenience.
• Save your hard-earned money with our flat fee trademark services.
• Gain access to a licensed trademark attorney who will file your trademark application.
• Get updates on your trademark application as it moves through the registration process.
• Focus on running your business while Sausser Summers, PC handles the hard work. No headaches, no hidden fees, no tricks.

Trademark Services at a Glance

Whether you need help maintaining your current trademark or require assistance canceling an abandoned mark, Sausser Summers, PC is here to help. Here are just a few of the trademark services that we provide to clients:

Comprehensive Trademark Search – For many entrepreneurs, this is the first and most crucial step to take when it’s time to safeguard your business and intellectual property. Your trademark attorney in Charleston will conduct a thorough search of the USPTO Federal Trademark Database and each U.S state’s trademark database. We will also perform a trademark domain name search and a trademark common law search on your behalf. We will follow up with a 30-minute phone call, where we will discuss the results of our trademark search and send you a drafted legal opinion letter.

U.S. Trademark Filing – Once your trademark lawyer in Charleston has completed a comprehensive trademark search, the next step is to file a trademark application. We will submit your application within 1-3 business days and keep you updated on its USPTO status throughout the registration process.
U.S Trademark Office Actions – These actions are essentially initial rejections of your trademark by the USPTO. Applicants have six months in which to respond to this rejection. For a flat fee, your trademark lawyer from Sausser Summers, PC will compose a response on your behalf so that you may continue to focus on your day-to-day business tasks.

U.S Trademark Renewal – If you already own a trademark, Sausser Summers, PC will renew your registered trademark so that it remains current. Extended protection varies depending on how long you have held your trademark. We encourage you to visit our U.S Trademark Renewal page to find out which renewal service best fits your current situation.

U.S. Trademark Cease & Desist – Whether you have been accused of infringing on someone’s trademark and received a cease and desist letter or have found an infringer on your own mark, it is imperative that you respond. If you have received a letter and do not respond, you might be sued. If you find an infringer and do not demand that they stop, you may lose your trademark rights. To discuss the best course of action for your situation, we recommend you contact Sausser Summers, PC, for a risk-free consultation at no additional cost. Once you speak directly to one of our attorneys, we will send your cease and desist letter or respond to the one you have received for an affordable flat fee.

Statement of Use – If you plan on using your mark in commerce, you must file a Statement of Use to notify the USPTO. This filing must take place six months after you receive your Notice of Allowance. For an affordable flat-rate fee, your trademark attorney in Charleston will make any requisite filings on your behalf. Before you decide on a course of action, we encourage you to contact our office at (843) 654-0078 to speak with one of our attorneys. This consultation will help us get a better understanding of your situation and is always free and confidential.

Additional U.S Trademark Attorney Services

In addition to the services listed above, we also help our clients enforce their trademarks, monitor trademark filings, and even help protect business owners from trademark infringement on platforms like Amazon and Etsy.
Have questions about our flat-fee trademark services? It would be our pleasure to speak with you at your earliest convenience, so that you can preserve the one asset that sets you apart from everyone else: your name.

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Charleston, SC Trademark Attorney Reviews

Licensed South Carolina trademark attorney Brent Sausser has assisted numerous clients in South Carolina and across the United States. Brent was a top trademark filing attorney in the United States in 2015, 2017 and 2018.* He also attended one of the top intellectual property law schools in the U.S., the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law. Brent has filed over 1,000 U.S. trademark applications. Although, Brent Sausser is located in Charleston, SC he can assist clients all across the state. If you are in Charleston and looking for a South Carolina trademark attorney to file your application, he can help.

Our law firm is designed to simplify the trademark registration process by gathering your information via an online form.

Our clients enjoy the efficient legal services we offer. See what some of your neighbors are saying about our law firm below.

  • Top ranked filing attorney
  • Filed over 1,000 trademark applications
  • South Carolina Licensed
  • Educated at one of the top 10 ranked law schools for intellectual property

Testimonials from South Carolina Trademark Clients

South Carolina

If you value speed, clear communication and a well defined process then this is the place for you, could not have been more impressed.

Tommy Kelaher | Appliance Science®
Pawleys Island, South Carolina

True professionals! The process was smooth, timely, easy…cost was very reasonable. I highly recommend Sausser & Spurr.

Annette | Redneck Necessities…and Such!
Hollywood, South Carolina

It was such a pleasure to work with Alex and Brent. Everything was explained to me and the follow-up was great. They were very knowledgeable, efficient and personable. I would highly recommend them if you are in need of a trademark for your company.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Alex Spurr…provided excellent legal and practical advice. She helped me understand how to go forward by making suggestions beneficial to everyone involved. I recommend her services highly.

Terry Ward Tucker
Charleston, South Carolina

The Sausser & Spurr Law firm, in my opinion are an elite group of attorneys. Their customer service is superb! They were always accessible. Even when they were not in the office, they would always respond to both, my phone calls, and emails promptly. I was never “left out of the loop” with the progress of the filing. Throughout the course of the filing, I was at ease as a result of being contacted at every stage of the process. I always knew what had transpired, or was about to. This firm is well adept in the intellectual property sector of law. They were able to explain every aspect of the trademark application process, and answer all of my questions with clarity. Everything was presented to me in a manner that wasn’t the least bit confusing. Before I actually called the law firm, I did extensive research on how to file for a trademark. Even though I thought I knew all there was to know about the filing process, I was suddenly enlightened by them in regards to the “strategic side” of filing. They taught me the proper way to protect my brand’s intellectual property. If I would have done it myself, I would have made a few mistakes that could have cost me a lot of money, and possibly my marks. This firm is comprised of complete professionals. I compared their prices, and quality of service with various law firms on the internet (both locally and nationally; over 15 to be exact), and Sausser & Spurr had proven to be the most reasonable choice for such high quality of service. I couldn’t have made a better decision. Thanks Sausser & Spurr, I’m absolutely looking forward to doing business with you in the future!

Larenzo Wilson | CÕVE & HARBOR®
Moncks Corner, South Carolina

This was a wonderful experience. I thought about doing it myself but found it to be a bit overwhelming because I wasn’t familiar with certain terms and jargon, as well as laws. This team walked me step-by-step, processing all the legal transactions for me.

Shantell | Pretti FLY®
Charleston, South Carolina

Brent was great! He responded to emails fast and answered my many questions. Will use them for all services that they can provide. I really wish all business provided this kind of service. I highly recommend them!

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Fantastic service across the board. Brent and his team were extremely helpful in assisting my business file for our trademark. His communication from start to finish was prompt, explanations and advice were very helpful and the process was made simple and easy. I would recommend to any individual or business in need of legal assistance.

Charleston, South Carolina

Brent was amazing and professional through and through. He kept us inform on every stage and handle all operations in a timely manner. We look forward to working with them again and again!

Laquinas Hill | PALMETTO CLIPS
Goose Creek, South Carolina

Everyone at Sausser Summers, PC was so knowledgeable, courteous and professional with me. Even though I’m sure I was a very small business in comparison with other companies they assist, they treated me as if I was the most important. They kept me informed throughout the process and always answered every question quickly. They also prepared me ahead of time so I knew what to expect and how long the process would take so I wasn’t left wondering what was going on. I highly recommend them for any trademark needs!

Christie Bishop | Styledwell®
Charleston, South Carolina

Sausser Summers, PC has provided me with very competent and professional services, allowing me to keep my trademarks up to date, I sincerely appreciate what they do for me.

Paul Bazemore | The Putter Frog Company
Hollywood, South Carolina

Very professional firm with which to do business. I would highly recommend their service and plan to have them represent me in the future.

Brian Johnson | CBD Product Reviews®
Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Great job by Brent and his team. Came up to our expectations.

Jagdish Hiranandani | BHUUMI®
Summerville, South Carolina

Charleston, SC Trademark Attorney Differences

A lot of attorneys charge based on an hourly fee, and give you an estimate. This can leave you guessing on total costs. Almost all our trademark services are flat fee. This means no guessing on total costs. In addition, we want you to know what to expect prior to hiring our firm. We don’t want you to be surprised or have any unexpected fees. Our firm simplifies the trademark filing process so that you can enjoy low flat fees, and a professionally filed application without all the guesswork. If you are getting quoted $1,500-$2000 to file a trademark from another Charleston lawyer, you may need to look elsewhere.

  • Beware of hourly fees for trademark filings.
  • Filing a trademark under one class should not cost $1,500.

Trademark Filers in Charleston, SC Need to be Aware

When searching for a Charleston, SC trademark attorney be aware that if you are filing a U.S./federal trademark application you can use a lawyer that is not located in your specific area. Our law firm assists clients all over South Carolina, and across the world. The reason we can represent clients all over the world is because we practice federal law or US law, not state specific law. Although Brent Sausser is licensed in South Carolina. So if you decide you’d simply like to file in South Carolina we can assist with that as well.

  • You do not need to hire an attorney located in Charleston, SC to file a federal trademark

Number of South Carolina Federal Applications Filed

Businesses and individuals are increasingly seeking to protect their trademark rights via federal protection. The reason so many more filings are being seen is likely because we live in an interstate commerce world. Essentially the internet makes it easy to sell your goods/services across state lines, thus, qualifying for federal protection. Below you’ll find a list of trademark applications that have been filed by individuals or businesses in SC by year. *Statistics provided via USPTO database.

  • 2019: 3,345 Filings
  • 2018: 3,040 Filings
  • 2017: 2,950 Filings
  • 2016: 2,669 Filings
  • 2015: 2,560 Filings
  • 2014: 2,372 Filings
  • 2013: 2,337 Filings
  • 2012: 2,103 Filings
  • 2011: 2,017 Filings
  • 2010: 1,771 Filings

Free Source of Information for Charleston, SC

Our website offers numerous free blogs/articles and frequently asked intellectual property questions and answers. Below is a free source of information.

  • Blog featuring topics on all the following:
    • CBD trademarks
    • Amazon trademark polices
    • Food truck trademarks
    • Helpful list of trademark spam
  • FAQs topics on the following:
    • Can you copyright a name?
    • Common law trademarks
    • Incontestability status
    • Restaurant trademarks
    • Actual use vs. intent to use

In addition, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

Charleston County in trademark dispute with former employee

Charleston County’s clerk of court is in a trademark fight with a former employee over who has the right to use the name of a website application that keeps track of lawsuits and other legal filings.

Arun Kanginakudru, who owns Charleston-based KK Analytics & Solutions with his wife, filed a trademark application in June for the name “Court Plus,” which is the same name of a website the county developed in 2012 for the public to search records online.

Kanginakudru helped develop the Court Plus website when he was employed by CMC Americas Inc., a technology firm the county hired as a contractor, according to a filing with the trademark office. He later left CMC and worked for the county’s information technology office, where he continued to develop the Court Plus software, the filing states.

Kanginakudru no longer works for the county, which says it never filed for a trademark on the Court Plus name, but the application has earned “regional and national recognition,” including a write-up in the Government Computers News publication.

It first learned that Kanginakudru was trying to register the name in July when he sent an email to county officials claiming they were infringing on his trademark. That prompted a cease-and-desist letter from the county’s legal office, which reminded Kanginakudru in a letter that any work he did for the county belongs to the county.

County officials then filed a notice with the trademark office opposing Kanginakudru’s registration of the Court Plus name, calling it “misleading and deceptive.”

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“The county has spent significant sums of money designing the Court Plus web application using the Court Plus name,” county officials told the trademark office, adding that consumers might think Kanginakudru’s business was associated with the county if the trademark was allowed.

Kanginakudru was supposed to respond to the county’s complaint by Wednesday, but he had not filed any paperwork as of Friday afternoon.

The trademark office said in a notice that failing to meet the Wednesday deadline could lead to a default ruling in favor of the county.

“We have not determined our next course of action at this time,” said county spokesman Shawn Smetana.

Kanginakudru could not be reached for comment. He did not respond to an email sent to the address listed on his trademark application. A telephone number for KK Analytics & Solutions appears to have been disconnected.

The trademark office has not scheduled a hearing in the case.

Top Rated Trademarks Lawyers in Charleston, SC

Do you have a symbol or name that represents your good / service that you’d like to see registered as a trademark?

Are you set on a logo for your company but are unsure if it conflicts with another logo already in use?

Utilize Super Lawyers to hire a local trademark attorney.

Trademark attorneys assist with the lengthy and detailed application process to have a word, symbol, name, device, or any combination of the above trademarked to represent a good or service.

Trademark attorneys essentially help to establish a “brand name.

” A vital role of a trademark attorney is to do extensive research ensuring the brand name of symbol is not replicated elsewhere.

Trademark attorneys listed here are recognized by their peers for their professional achievements.

Find a highly-qualified trademark attorney with Super Lawyers.

Are you searching for a top trademarks lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina?

Through Super Lawyers directory, we index attorneys who practice quality and excellence in their work. It is easy to browse trademarks attorney listings in your immediate area, search for a specific individual referred by a friend, or start narrowing your search by practice area.

Did you find individuals who interest you? Learn more by exploring their profiles. There you will find a trademarks attorney’s contact, education, and biographical information to supplement your research. Where possible, our profiles will also include links to a trademarks lawyer’s personal biography, firm website, and other relevant information to consider.

Are you ready to take action? Our profile’s contact form is simple to use and makes it easy to connect with a Charleston, South Carolina lawyer and seek legal advice.

Super Lawyers Rating System

Super Lawyers is a research-driven, peer-influenced rating service of outstanding lawyers who have attained a high degree of professional achievement and peer recognition. The patented selection process combines peer nominations, independent research evaluations and peer evaluations by practice area. Each year no more than 5 percent of the attorneys in the state are selected for the Super Lawyers list, and no more than 2.5 percent for the Rising Stars list.

Trademark law

Barnwell Whaley Charleston SC trademark attorneys have obtained thousands of trademarks on behalf of clients to protect their brands, products and reputations throughout the United States.

A trademark is a word, phrase, design, sound or symbol, used to identify a source of goods, such as a particular manufacturer or seller, products and distinguish those goods from the goods of another. A service mark performs the same source identifying function with regard to services rather than goods.

Trademark rights arise 1) by filing an application for registration of a mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office based on a bona fide intent to make use of the mark on a product or in association with a service that will soon be offered to the public, or 2) by actual use of the mark in commerce on a product or in association with a service.

However, trademark rights can be lost through errors in applying for registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office or through improper licensing or other agreements involving the mark. It is important to consult with a trademark attorney to guide you through the trademark process. The United States Patent and Trademark Office recommends that you hire a private attorney.

Trademarks are different from copyrights and patents. A copyright generally protects artistic or literary works. A patent protects inventions. A trademark identifies a brand and can be a name, logo, design, slogan – even a color or a scent.

No. It takes more than having a website and an early use date to fully protect your mark. You want to make sure that you protect your mark and that the mark is not being used by others for related goods or services, so that your proposed mark is available to you and that you do not infringe on someone else’s mark. You don’t want the expense of having to change your name and re-do all of your packaging, merchandise, signage, advertising, etc.

Trademark infringement occurs when consumers are confused –it is the unauthorized use of a trademark in connection with goods or services in a manner that is likely to cause confusion, deception, or mistake about the source of the goods and/or services.

Barnwell Whaley trademark attorneys assist trademark owners in protecting their reputation, brands, products, services and businesses through cease and desist letters and court orders which may include the infringing party destroy all infringing materials, and provide monetary damages.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has put together an informative booklet and video on trademark basics (for video link, scroll to bottom of page).

We also find this IP WatchDog’s article interesting: Using Do-It-Yourself or Online Trademark Registration Services Can Prove Disastrous for Entrepreneurs
If you do business in the states of South Carolina, North Carolina or Georgia, we look forward to assisting you with your trademark needs as local counsel.

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Business law
Intellectual property
Patent litigation
Unfair Competition law
False Advertising
Restaurant and Hospitality law
Civil litigation

Todd Hess is a member of Barnwell Whaley and is a registered patent attorney and certified financial analyst. He has been practicing law since 2007. Hess is licensed to practice in GA, NC and SC.

David Cox is a member of Barnwell Whaley. He has been practicing law since 1993.

Name blame: More trademark woes for all-9s lawyer Sink

Personal injury lawyer George Sink, who successfully fought his namesake son over professional rights to the family moniker, will now have to fight an out-of-state rival over a similar name claim.

The federal Trademark Trial and Appeal Board recently ruled that Philadelphia lawyer Robert Sink’s trademark complaint against George Sink has enough teeth to go to trial.

George Sink, the ubiquitous “all-nines” television pitchman, had asked the board for a judgment on the pleadings — a ruling that’s granted when the opposing party doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on.

The board disagreed and scheduled a trial for next year.

If he loses, George Sink would have to give up the George Sink P.A. Injury Lawyers trademark that’s identified his North Charleston law firm since 2010.

Robert Sink, who’s practiced law in the City of Brotherly Love since 1994, says George Sink shouldn’t get the trademark because it confuses consumers into thinking the two law firms are affiliated. He said George Sink’s trademark is too similar to his Law Offices of Robert W. Sink trademark.

George Sink, who is no relation to Robert Sink, wanted the case thrown out, saying the two names are so “different in sound, appearance and meaning” that they couldn’t possibly create confusion.

That might have been enough to convince the board had both men not been lawyers.

But when trademarks are used for similar goods or services, like personal injury law, “the degree of similarity necessary to support ... likelihood of confusion declines,” the board ruled.

Robert Sink didn’t file his trademark complaint until last year, when George Sink alleged his son — George Sink Jr. — was violating the elder Sink’s trademark by using his birth name to advertise a competing law firm. The family dispute was ultimately settled in a secret arbitration hearing.

A federal judge in Charleston recently confirmed the arbitrator’s award, which is confidential and under seal.

A lifeboat in a storm

As South Carolina continues to deal with an unemployment crisis, the state’s Department of Employment and Workforce announced plans to start marketing so-called “lifeboat jobs” to people who are out of work.

DEW announced last week that it would begin sharing these emergency job offers with the tens of thousand of people who are still relying on state unemployment benefits.

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The “lifeboat jobs,” the agency explained, may not match the careers that many people lost amid the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, DEW said they are intended to hold people over until the economy recovers — whenever that might be.

“The bottom line is simple,” the agency said in a press release. “Lifeboat jobs are out there, and they can lead to promising career paths.”

Staff at DEW will pick the lifeboat jobs from “the most frequently posted positions in South Carolina,” and it will promote four to five of them a week. DEW will start releasing these specially-selected jobs this week.

Switching banks

The merger and acquisitions expert at what had been South Carolina’s largest bank has lined up a new gig that’s within the industry but out of state.

James C. “Jim” Mabry IV began on Aug. 1 as executive vice president and chief financial officer of Renasant Corp., according to a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. He also assumed similar roles and titles at the Tupelo, Miss.-based holding company’s Renasant Bank subsidiary, which, at $15 billion in assets and 200-plus offices in multiple states, is roughly the same size as his previous employer.

From August 2015 until last month, Mabry was the Charleston-based executive VP in charge of investor relations and M&A for Columbia’s South State Corp.

Earlier in his career, he had worked closely with his latest employer “as we grew the company in the early 2000s,” CEO Mitch Waycaster said. “His financial experience, knowledge of our markets and familiarity with our company, makes him a great addition to the Renasant family.”

South State merged June 7 with CenterState Corp. of Winter Haven, Fla. The name and the “SSB” stock symbol survived the $2.3 billion tie-up, but the company’s corporate offices are now in Florida.

Desk jobs

Loctek, a Chinese company that designs and manufactures ergonomic desks and other products, said it will open an office in rural Clarendon County.

The $5 million investment is expected to create 10 jobs. The site will serve as a warehousing, shipping and receiving location for products made in China and shipped to the Port of Charleston.

The new facility, located in the Clarendon County Industrial Park, is expected to be completed by March.

Founded in 1999, Loctek makes sit-stand desk risers, height-adjustable desk and other ergonomically designed office structures.