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Trademark Attorney Working With Clients in Jacksonville, FL

If you're an entrepreneur, you know that protecting your intellectual property should be high on your list when it comes to safeguarding your company. However, as a successful business owner, you also know the steps and costs of filing a trademark in the U.S. can be expensive and arduous.

This conundrum can be even more overwhelming for new business owners who want to do everything possible to minimize the price of securing trademarks. They try to handle complicated tasks like trademark registration on their own, which can be a big mistake - especially when juggling the day-to-day tasks of running a business. You may be thinking, "But what about those set-it-and-forget-it services you can find online? All you have to do is plug in your info, and you're done." Using pre-made templates for trademark filing can be tempting, but doing so can leave you with inadequate protection and hurt you in the long run.

So, what is the easiest, most cost-effective route to consider that also minimizes legal risk? The truth is, before you spend money on an online filing service, it's best to consult with a trademark attorney working with clients in Jacksonville, FL.

At Sausser Summers, PC, our experienced trademark attorneys can help you understand the trademark process step by step. We can even help with U.S. trademark filing, U.S. trademark responses, and U.S. trademark renewals at a price you can actually afford. That way, you can make an informed decision regarding your business without having to break the bank.


Sausser Summers, PC: Simplifying the U.S. Trademark Process

Hiring an attorney can be a daunting task, but at Sausser Summers, PC, our goal is to make the process as simple and seamless as possible for you. That's why we offer a straightforward checkout service. First, you choose your flat fee trademark service and fill out a short questionnaire. Then, we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss the details of our service. From there, one of our experienced trademark attorneys will get to work on your behalf.

Using a trademark attorney for filing in Jacksonville, FL, can significantly increase your chances of a successful registration. The U.S. government recommends hiring a trademark attorney to help with your application, and our team of trademark lawyers is dedicated to meeting your needs. In fact, we help ensure your application is filed correctly the first time so you can get on with your life and avoid legal risks.

At Sausser Summers, PC, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide them with sound professional advice. We never offer incomplete services, such as simply filing for registration, because that would leave you open to legal risks. You can rely on us to handle your intellectual property matters, and our flat fee services can help protect your business in a simple, straightforward, and affordable way. It's really that simple.

In terms of filing a U.S. trademark, we provide an easy three-step process to protect your intellectual property:

1. You provide your trademark info to our team via an online form.

2. Our team performs a comprehensive trademark search. This search ensures that no other marks will prevent you from registering your trademark in the U.S. Once performed, we'll send you a legal opinion letter that details our findings.

3. Sausser Summers, PC, files your U.S. trademark application. We are then listed as your Attorney of Record on file. From there, we'll provide ongoing updates regarding the status of your trademark as it works through the registration process.

The bottom line? At Sausser Summers, PC, we give both new and seasoned business owners an easy, efficient, cost-effective way to protect the one asset that sets them apart from others: their name.

Online Trademark Attorney Jacksonville, FL
The bottom line?

At Sausser Summers, PC, we give both new and seasoned business owners an easy, efficient, cost-effective way to protect the one asset that sets them apart from others: their name.

Do I Really Need a Trademark Attorney for Protecting My Business in Jacksonville, FL?

It's not necessary to be a lawyer in order to apply for a trademark. Anyone can submit a trademark application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). However, registering a trademark involves more than just filling out a form. It's essential to conduct thorough research, accurately identify and clearly explain your trademark to ensure it receives adequate protection. And even after securing a trademark, you've got to monitor it consistently to make sure it's free from infringement.

The big takeaway here is that it's always a good idea to work with a trademark attorney to protect the intellectual property that you've worked so hard to establish. According to the Wall Street Journal, applicants are approximately 50% more likely to secure their trademark than people who file applications on their own. If your trademark application is rejected by the USPTO, you will need to revise and refile it, incurring additional filing fees. To avoid delays and extra costs, it is best to have a trademark lawyer help you get it right the first time.

Additional Benefits of Using a Trademark Attorney

Great trademark attorneys (like those you'll find at Sausser Summers, PC) will help with every step of filing and enforcing your trademark. Some additional benefits include the following:

Check to see if your proposed trademark is registered by another entity.

Conduct research to see if another business is using the trademark for which you're applying.

Provide advice and guidance on the strength of your trademark.

Draft and submit your trademark applications and application revisions.

Advice and guidance regarding trademark maintenance and protection.

Monitor the market for unauthorized use of your trademark.

Trademark enforcement to protect you against infringement.

 Online Trademark Lawyer Jacksonville, FL

Curious whether our trademark attorney services are right for you and your business? Contact Sausser Summer, PC, today. Let's talk about what you need, and how we can help.

What About Online Filing Services?

Online services, can provide you with basic assistance in filing your trademark. However, they will never be a legitimate substitute for an experienced trademark attorney helping clients in Jacksonville, FL.

 Trademark Attorney Jacksonville, FL

Although online filing services offer a step-by-step process, they take a one-size-fits-all approach to preparing legal documents. Even their advanced service only provides basic attorney assistance in completing your paperwork and helping with minor roadblocks. Online filing services' disclaimer highlights the many limitations of its services, including the fact that communications are not protected by attorney-client privilege. In addition, online filing services cannot provide advice, explanations, opinions, recommendations, or any kind of legal guidance on possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms or strategies.

In other words, online filing services can offer you the necessary forms and point you in the right direction, but they cannot customize their services to your specific needs or help you with serious complications that may arise.

For the most comprehensive trademark service and protection, it's always wise to work with highly rated trademark lawyers, like you'll find at Sausser Summers, PC.

Understanding Trademarks Over Time

Trademarks in the U.S. can last indefinitely, but did you know that clients in Jacksonville, FL can file a trademark online, only to lose protection in some circumstances? Trademarks differ from patents and copyrights in that they do not have an expiration date. However, to prevent the cancellation of a trademark, you must maintain it. To ensure that your trademark remains protected, you must actively use it in commerce and renew it with the USPTO every ten years.

The Lanham Act tells us that "use in commerce" is the legitimate use of a trademark in the ordinary course of trade. In other words, you cannot register a trademark solely to reserve the rights to it in the future. In most cases, a trademark must be used continuously in connection with the goods or services it is registered for.

 Trademark Law Firm Jacksonville, FL

Steps to Renew Your Trademark

Trademarks are registered with the USPTO and generally need to be renewed every ten years. However, there is one crucial exception that you should be aware of. Within the first ten years of owning a trademark, you must file for renewal between the fifth and sixth year from the date of your initial registration.

During this renewal period, you are required to submit a Section 8 declaration, a specimen that shows how the mark is being used, and pay the required fee. You can also apply for Section 15 Incontestability status, which can strengthen your trademark rights. This application, although not mandatory, can make it harder for others to challenge your ownership of the mark.

After the first renewal, which falls between the fifth and sixth year of ownership, the next renewal filing is due between the ninth and tenth year, and then every tenth year thereafter. In the ninth year you will need to file a Section 8 declaration, attesting to your use of the mark or excusable nonuse. You've also got to file a Section 9 renewal application before the end of the tenth year to keep your registration active.

It is worth noting that the USPTO provides a six-month grace period if you fail to renew your mark within the required time frame, but it is best not to rely on it. If you don't file within the grace period time limits, the USPTO will cancel and expire your mark.

By hiring trademark attorneys helping clients in Jacksonville, FL, you can avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that can arise and cause you to lose your rights to the mark that represents it.

Losing Your Trademark Rights Through Abandonment

In the event that you stop using your trademark and have no plans to resume using it in commerce, it may be considered abandoned by the USPTO. This could result in the loss of your protective rights to the mark. Typically, a trademark is assumed to be abandoned if it has not been used for three years. However, you may be able to refute this presumption by providing evidence that you intend to use the mark again in the future.

Losing Your Trademark Rights Through Inappropriate Licensing

In addition to trademark abandonment, you should also be wary of improper licensing. It's important to remember that once you allow someone else to use your trademark, you must keep an eye on how they use it. You should monitor the products or services that feature your trademark to ensure that they meet consumers' expectations in terms of quality. Failure to do so can lead to a "naked" trademark license and the loss of your protective trademark rights.

How to Avoid Having to Refile Your Trademark

If you're wondering how you can avoid refiling your trademark, the answer is simple: file it correctly the first time around. Filing a trademark isn't inherently difficult, but when doing so, it's very important that certain aspects are filled out accurately in your application. If any information is missing or incorrect, the trademark application may be considered "void ab initio" or void from the beginning, requiring you to file again.

To avoid this, make sure that the information you provide in the application is accurate and complete, including the ownership of the trademark. For instance, if a corporation has multiple shareholders, it should not file under the President's personal name. The rightful owner should be the one/entity that ultimately controls the trademark and the associated goods/services.

It is also important to ensure that the goods and/or services description is precise. For example, if you sell electronic products, you should not file for research and development services despite having a research and development department. The goods/services description should reflect the goods/services you offer to customers, not the departments within your business.

Additionally, providing accurate dates of first use when filing for a trademark is crucial. The USPTO requires two dates to be specified - the date of first use anywhere and the date of first use in interstate commerce. Contact our trademark law office today to learn more about having accurate dates on your filing paperwork.

 Trademark Lawyer Jacksonville, FL
 Trademark Firm Jacksonville, FL

What Makes an Online Trademark Attorney Great?

At Sausser Summers, PC, we often get questions about how to distinguish run-of-the-mill consultants and others from great trademark attorneys. After all - when you're looking for an attorney to file or prosecute your business trademark, you should know their qualifications. Here are three ways you can separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff when it comes to trademark attorneys.

It's crucial to seek legal advice from a licensed trademark lawyer rather than relying on advice from non-professionals like trademark consultants. The USPTO even recommends hiring an attorney to help with the trademark process. Although trademark consultants may provide advice on trademark availability or name marketability, they cannot file the trademark for you or offer legal advice. According to the Rules of Practicing in trademark cases, "Individuals who are not attorneys are not recognized to practice before the Office in trademark matters." This rule applies to individuals who assist trademark applicants.

When searching for a trademark attorney, it's important to find someone with a strong background in trademark law. Look for an attorney who specializes in this area and has significant experience handling trademark-related cases. Avoid lawyers who don't have expertise in this field, as they may not be able to provide the guidance and support you need.

Ensure your attorney provides updates throughout the trademark registration process to avoid missing deadlines, including responding to any Office actions within six months. Failure to do so can result in trademark abandonment. The USPTO will only correspond with the listed attorney of record, so make sure your attorney keeps you informed.

In summary:

  • Be sure you're using a licensed trademark attorney helping clients in Jacksonville, FL.
  • It's best to work with a trademark lawyer who has years of experience filing trademarks.
  • Ensure that your trademark lawyer is willing to provide ongoing notifications relating to your trademark application process.
 Trademark Registration Lawyer Jacksonville, FL

Trademark Attorneys Working Hard for You

Building your brand and gaining recognition for it is a significant achievement, and it's important to protect it. However, there are certain pitfalls and mistakes that can arise, causing you to lose your rights to the mark that represents it. By working with knowledgeable trademark attorneys, you can avoid these issues and file your trademark successfully.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Sausser Summers, PC, offers comprehensive guidance, strategic advice, and reliable representation for a variety of trademark matters. Our attorneys have years of real-world experience and, having registered countless trademarks with the USPTO, provide our clients with individualized representation when they need it most.

If you're looking for skilled, adept, and experienced counsel, look no further than our trademark law firm. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and learn how we can help you safeguard your brand.

Latest News in Jacksonville, FL

Lawsuit ends with $20 million verdict against Suzuki for paralyzed Jacksonville man

Scott Winckler sustained the injuries in a 2013 crash with another vehicle while driving a Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle that had a defective braking system.Credit: WikipediaJACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jurors ended a decade-long product liability case by siding against Suzuki Motor Corp. and awarding a paralyzed Jacksonville man a $20 million verdict, ...

Scott Winckler sustained the injuries in a 2013 crash with another vehicle while driving a Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle that had a defective braking system.

Credit: Wikipedia

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jurors ended a decade-long product liability case by siding against Suzuki Motor Corp. and awarding a paralyzed Jacksonville man a $20 million verdict, according to his Morgan & Morgan attorneys.

Scott Winckler sustained the injuries in a 2013 crash with another vehicle while driving a Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle that had a defective braking system, the court determined.

Suzuki Motor Corp. knew there were defects in the front brake master cylinder as early as 2007 when a problem was discovered on a vehicle in Germany, Morgan & Morgan said. In 2012, there was another crash where a rider lost control due to loss of front brake pressure, and Suzuki redesigned the system for all future models.

They did not issue a recall until October 2013 because they were waiting to receive parts to replace the faulty systems, according to the law firm. That was four months after Winckler’s crash. He suffered severe and permanent injuries, including paralysis from the waist down.

On Wednesday, the jury awarded him the full amount of his past medical expenses, as well as damages for future medical expenses and pain and suffering.

“Before the crash, Mr. Winckler was an active, independent person and an avid motorcycle enthusiast," his attorneys said. "He had a career working as a motorcycle mechanic and was a safe and experienced rider. Now he will never walk again, let alone ride. ... Mr. Winckler has been fighting for justice for over 10 years, during which Suzuki relentlessly tried to blame him for his injuries."

Winckler is now 46.

The Times-Union sent emails early Friday afternoon to five attorneys at three law firms representing Suzuki requesting comment and had not heard back as of late evening.

Monday one of the attorneys, Rick Mueller, provided this statement: "A jury previously determined that Mr. Winckler's incident was not caused by a defectively designed or manufactured brake system. Suzuki is now in the process of post-trial motions and appealing the recent verdict to obtain a complete reversal. Suzuki believes in and stands by all of its products."

In early filings by Suzuki's attorneys in 2014 and 2015, their motions stated the corporation was not the manufacturer, designer, distributor, seller or warrantor of that specific 2007 GSX-R1000 that crashed.

The wholesale distributor of that particular motorcycle was dissolved in a bankruptcy proceeding before the accident. Suzuki purchased assets and business operations from the distributor "but specifically did not assume product liability or any responsibility for this personal injury lawsuit," one of the motions states.

Deadline approaches to submit applications for Duval County Public Schools superintendent position

So far, 6 people have applied for the roleDUVAL COUNTY, Fla. – Monday is the last day to submit applications to be considered for the Duval County Public Schools superintendent position.When News4JAX talked to Duval County School Board Chair, Darryl Willie, earlier this month, just four people had applied to become the next superintend...

So far, 6 people have applied for the role

DUVAL COUNTY, Fla. – Monday is the last day to submit applications to be considered for the Duval County Public Schools superintendent position.

When News4JAX talked to Duval County School Board Chair, Darryl Willie, earlier this month, just four people had applied to become the next superintendent for DCPS.

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Since then, two more people have added their names to the list.

“This is going to be an opportunity for someone to take on this challenge of Duval County, but also this opportunity of Duval County. We have some of the highest graduation rates we’ve seen,” Willie said.

The school district suspended its search in 2023 after the first attempt to find a replacement for Dr. Diana Greene did not succeed in providing enough qualified candidates.

The people who’ve applied all have varying backgrounds in school leadership roles, but one thing they have in common is a Ph.D.

The applicants so far are:

Once a superintendent is selected, they’ll need to take on some serious issues. One of them is falling enrollment.

RELATED | DCPS explores plan to close several schools as enrollment dips due to charter, private school migration

Currently, the district has a proposal on the table to close nearly 30 schools. It’s part of a plan to save money amid the rising costs and shrinking enrollment. As of now, no decisions have been made, and they won’t be made for a while.

Willie said he’s optimistic the right person for the job will be hired.

“Despite the conversations around these consolidations, we have money to build new schools. And that’s the point, to push and get students into schools that are innovative and transformative for themselves,” Willie said. “And this superintendent has the opportunity to do that and work with a board that is ready to make some hard and tough decisions when it’s necessary.”

Finalists will need to be available for on-site interviews on May 13 and 14.

The projected start date for the next superintendent is July 1.

Copyright 2024 by WJXT News4JAX - All rights reserved.

Building on greatness: Jaguars' Travon Walker's evolution alongside Josh Allen

Travon Walker finds renewed determination after Josh Allen's record-setting dealJacksonville Florida Times-UnionTravon Walker did not want to rest for a minute longer last Wednesday.In anticipation of next season, Walker has been working out at the Exos Sports Performance Center in Frisco, Texas. He's wor...

Travon Walker finds renewed determination after Josh Allen's record-setting deal

Jacksonville Florida Times-Union

Travon Walker did not want to rest for a minute longer last Wednesday.

In anticipation of next season, Walker has been working out at the Exos Sports Performance Center in Frisco, Texas. He's working to sharpen his craft just as he did during his pre-draft process and into his career with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Even though Walker is coming off of a 10-sack season, he still feels he has more to do.

"For me, mainly going back out there to Texas to train at Exos puts me back in that mindstate of going into the league. I still have a chip on my shoulder, I'm nowhere near where I want to be," Walker told the Times-Union last week via a phone interview.

Walker has dealt with plenty of criticism throughout his time in Jacksonville. After being selected with the first-overall pick, his rookie season left some to be desired for some onlookers. He tallied just 3.5 sacks. Compared to the second-overall pick, Lions defensive lineman Aidan Hutchinson's 9.5-sack season... yeah, there was some work to be done in their eyes.

The work paid off, paying major dividends to Jacksonville's defense, especially down the final stretch of the year. Walker tallied five sacks in the final four games of the year.

There wasn't a special sauce or anything fancy.

He, quite simply, won. From all over the field.

"I feel like last year I was playing a lot faster, I wasn't thinking as much. Just doing what I do best," Walker said. "There's no call that a [defensive coordinator] could call to put me in a position to make plays. It's just beat the man in front of me and continue to make plays."

Walker put together a respectable season, tallying 10 sacks, 52 total tackles, 19 quarterback hits and two pass breakups. Still, he's striving for more.

Walker did not want to rest for a minute longer on Wednesday, and it wasn't just because he was looking to break a sweat.

Last week, the Jaguars rewarded Walker's running mate, Josh Allen, with a five-year, $150 million contract.

Money well-deserved:Jaguars, OLB Josh Allen agree to franchise-record 5-year, $150 million contract extension

That'll wake anyone up.

'It meant a lot to me': Travon Walker draws inspiration from Allen's success

Walker was scheduled to take a rest day off of his intense workout regime in Texas. That changed quickly after it was reported that Allen would be staying in Jacksonville for quite a while longer.

"Travon called me and he said he had the day off but he went to go workout because that motivated him, seeing what I got motivated him," Allen said shortly after signing a deal that'll guarantee him upwards of $88 million.

Allen's hard work paid off. After three straight seasons with fewer than 10 sacks, the quarterbacks finally began to fall after they'd narrowly escaped Allen's grasp in years prior.

Allen finished the year with 17.5 sacks, earning an initial-roster Pro Bowl nod and his new, healthy contract from Jacksonville.

Walker said it's easy to draw some motivation from Allen getting rewarded. Shoot, they essentially play the same position, he said.

"Seeing someone who is very identical to me, working toward the same goal, we're doing the same workouts, our schedule's the same. Him being able to put himself in that position, it really meant a lot to me because it seems like everything's come full circle and I feel that's motivation itself," Walker said, adding that it's not necessarily about the money itself.

"He's somewhere where he's happy, he's not being put out to somewhere else, the organization is taking care of him," said Walker. "I'm proud of him and obviously [it] motivated me just to continue following in his footsteps. Obviously, he's doing something right."

Walker won't be the only player in the Jaguars' locker room noticing the team's investment in Allen's hard work, either. It means a lot, Walker said.

"[It] shows you that all the hard work and dedication don't go unnoticed," said Walker.

"They always say you're under a microscope in this game that we play so everything that [Allen] did leading up to [his contract extension] didn't go unnoticed. For the franchise, the organization to [do] that, it really means a lot to a lot of the other guys that obviously want to continue the teaching and do the same thing and be consistent in what they're doping to help the team grow and help themselves grow."

Allen's hard work didn't go unnoticed by the Jaguars nor has it gone unnoticed by Walker, who has seen it up close.

From the minute Walker stepped foot into the Jaguars' locker room in 2022, Allen took him under his wing. Like a little brother, said Walker.

"Some players try to withhold information, trying to get into their next contract or whatever to better themselves, but he's never been that type, he's always been one of those guys, an open book. Whatever he's doing, he wanted me to be right there with him and I feel like that just helped the chemistry between me and him on the field," said Walker.

"Besides on-the-field stuff, he's just one of those guys I like to be around, a family guy, that's how I am. We're wired the same."

Allen's work ethic rubs off on other players.

"It's all paying off for him. He's the first one on the field before practice, doing a little extra. He gets me to come out there with him. Seeing him be the first on the field, one of the last people to leave the facility at night, it just all goes to show why he got what he just got," said Walker.

'One of those years': Travon Walker excited for growth under Ryan Nielsen

Walker's inspiration drawn from Allen isn't something new. It's just another part of his growth that's happened over the last two seasons.

Though he had a nice season last year, he's not satisfied.

"I feel like I took some major steps, but it's still a lot to come. I'm obviously continuously learning. I want to be a student of the game of football. I love just the mindset of playing the game of football. I want to know every little detail, any little type of detail that I can correct. There's always room for improvement," Walker said.

Walker's ascension to the No. 1 spot in the NFL Draft didn't come by accident. He was a dominant player at Georgia during his time there. There was a learning curve in the NFL, though, and now the punishing defender is finally getting his feet settled.

Even with defensive coordinator Ryan Nielsen joining the team, Walker said he's going back to the drawing board, building off of what he has learned since entering the league in 2022.

"I'm excited. From all the guys that he's had and coached, I've talked with a lot of those guys, [including] [New Orleans Saints defensive lineman] Cam [Jordan]," said Walker.

"Even though I haven't been in Jacksonville, I've been on the phone with [Nielsen]. I can tell that he's buying into me as well, trying to learn me as a player. Things that I like, things that I don't like. I feel like that type of relationship you have with a [defensive coordinator], I feel like that can go a long way with the whole defense in general."

Though much of the team's defensive coaching staff will be different, outside linebackers coach Bill Shuey was retained and has been instrumental in Walker's development over the last two seasons.

"I'm excited to see him returning," Walker said of Shuey. "Just for the simple fact that he's one of those guys that's a very understanding guy. He knows every day isn't gonna be perfect. Seeing him grow and flourish as an outside linebackers coach, because it was a little new to him [in that scheme], [it's like] we're growing together."

There's a long time until the start of the 2024 season for Walker and the Jaguars, but it's clear that through inspiration, growth, knowledge, self-motivation and adaptability, Walker is headed for much greener pastures in his future.

"I just feel like this season is one of those years. I'm a lot more comfortable playing in the NFL. There's not much thought going into my pre-snap, like what am I supposed to be doing on this play? I understand the game of football. It's only so many things that, as an outside linebacker, defensive end, whatever you want to say, can do," Walker said.

"So, with that, I just feel like the sky's the limit. Obviously, I want to top everything I did last year. I personally just want to continuously steadily improve, so just looking for improvement in every area from flexibilities to numbers to whatever."

Demetrius Harvey is the Jacksonville Jaguars reporter for the Florida Times-Union. You can follow him on X, formerly known as Twitter, at @Demetrius82.

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Gov. Ron DeSantis signs bill to enhance education at Jacksonville Classical Academy

Jacksonville, Fla. — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law a package of education reforms in Jacksonville on Tuesday morning.The bill covers turnaround schools, book challenges, and more.>>> STREAM ACTION NEWS JAX LIVE <<<There’s also some changes to help students pursue careers in the military and ensure students pursuing higher education are allowed to work their way through school. DeSantis arg...

Jacksonville, Fla. — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law a package of education reforms in Jacksonville on Tuesday morning.

The bill covers turnaround schools, book challenges, and more.


There’s also some changes to help students pursue careers in the military and ensure students pursuing higher education are allowed to work their way through school. DeSantis argued all of these reforms together will continue pushing Florida’s education system forward.

DeSantis signed HB 1285 into law at Jacksonville Classical Academy. If a district’s turnaround plan fails, the new law will expedite converting failing traditional public schools into charter schools.

It also limits book challenges to just one a month for residents of a school district who don’t have a child in the local school system to crack down on serial and frivolous challenges.

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The legislation also requires traditional public and charter schools to offer 11th and 12th-grade students the opportunity to take the ASVAB Test and consult with a military recruiter.

It also encourages school districts to offer dual enrollment so students can earn college credit in high school and prohibits universities from disallowing students from working through school.

DeSantis argued the changes will help improve Florida’s educational standing and make college more affordable for Florida students.

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“So, all in all that’s a lot stuff for one piece of legislation. I think it’s going to be very positive and we’re just gonna continue to lead the way,” DeSantis said.

While DeSantis was signing the new law making it easier for charters to take over failing traditional public schools, the Duval School Board was meeting to discuss the possibility of shuttering several traditional public schools in the district due to declining enrollment rates mostly lost to charters and private schools.

Coming up tonight on Action News Jax, Jake Stofan tell you what the Governor had to say when he asked DeSantis how he envisions the future of traditional public schools here in Florida.

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